Writing Goals


Writing Goals

Writing goals seems like a chore to me.  My head doesn’t want to go there.  I am happy to feel the lift of sadness, enjoying the still of my mind.  Afraid to enhance a moment that feels perfect.  But I know I have to keep moving forward.  Being still happy is as unproductive as being still sad.  So it is time to test the waters.  I’m floating now…time to swim.

Transitioning from Depression to healing is euphoric but also scary.  The body has been conditioned to the effects of depression.  For example, coping by sleeping a lot, no interaction w/ people, eating less, not caring.  After so much time, your body will suffer the consequences such as a weak physical body, etc.

Goal setting is not only for those in transition.

It can be used anytime in therapy.

You can start with day to day.  Every night write goals for the next day.  This is where I began in therapy just to get by day to day.  My first goal was to attend group therapy and that was it.  To get to group therapy when scheduled.  That was a huge accomplishment considering the depression was deep at that time.

I have attached a template I will be using to begin setting goals.

Goals that are daily repeated.  Weekly goals that change.  Long term goals for the future.

Writing the goal is not enough….the extra step of writing how the goal will be accomplished is the key to making this work for you.

Start with daily, do not overwhelm yourself with this project.  Start slow.

I have also attached a template for the day to day goal setting called Goal(s) for Tomorrow! as well as a guide for the example below.:

I heard this story.  A person wanted to only accomplish one goal.  To go to the library.  Leaving the home and getting on the bus was an incredibly difficult task.  Advice given was to write down daily steps to take to achieve this goal.

Step 1 (Day 1) Wake up and shower and decide what to wear.

Next day (2), repeat day 1 and get dressed.

Next day (3) after getting dressed walk outside of the home to the bus stop.

Next day (4) walk to the bus stop and sit there and wait for bus.

Next day (5) get on bus to library.

Next day (6) get on bus to library and get off.

Next day (7) enter the library!

Tomorrow Goals

Goals Template

Certain steps can be repeated a few days till the comfort is established to continue to the next step.

Goals are unique to each person.  I gave some examples in the template.  But you decide how you define your goals.

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