Time will Heal

Time Will Heal

Time will Heal


Better in Time – Leona Lewis

I love this song and all that it represents:

“It’s gonna hurt when it heals too”

“It’s time I let you go So I can be free”

“No matter how hard it is I’ll be fine without you”

“It’ll all get better in time”

Letting go.  Change.  Acceptance.  It’s a painful process.

Life isn’t fair.
It’s not suppose to be and history has proven that time and time again.

I see life like a sunny day in FL that will one day bring rain.
If you stand & wait long enough through the rain, it will clear and show you a rainbow.

The rainbow is that high after healing. The rainbow will fade.
It will be sunny once again, but not without rain in due time.

It’s a process that will happen time and time again in life.

For many with a mental illness that rainy day comes down hard, causing a flood.
Some will swim to a house top to see it pass.  Some won’t be so fortunate.

Featured Image Artist: Tori Fayeh

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