Thought – Behavior – Feeling


Thought – Behavior – Feeling

It easy to believe feelings comes first then the thoughts hence the behavior.

³I feel scared to take the test because ¹I might fail therefore ²I don’t take the test.

It’s not true as much as it “feels” real to you.

The truth is:


I might Fail → I don’t take the test → I feel scared

The ¹thought of failing causes ²you to stop trying and leaves you left ³feeling fearful.

There is a tiny widow, a 10 second window to confront the thought before acting on it.  No it’s not easy, but is possible.  Begin with awareness.  Next time you begin to “feel” down try your hardest to stop and question.  Ask yourself, What is happening?  What am I thinking?  Why am I about to cry? … Hit the wall?  There is an opportunity to make a decision on what feeling you will be left with.

It’s doesn’t mean it’s valid or not.  It’s a matter of handling the situation to benefit your well-being.

I was told it takes 2 weeks to change a way of thinking if put into practice.  Hmmmm…  that is the ultimate goal in recovery.  How many of us actually get there?  It’s so easy to know what’s right/wrong, easy to give advice, see clear on other’s situations, but to change our own?

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