The Secret


The Secret

“The Secret teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought, every minute, of every day.”

It is based on a universal law that allows us to manifest with positive thoughts, affirmations, vision boards, unwavering faith and more …

Trailor for The Secret Movie

First 20 minutes of The Secret.  Quality is Fair.

I enjoyed the Secret’s ability to make you feel powerful and encouraged.

Take from it the lesson that your mind/being is powerful and you have the ability to shift your thinking.
I wasn’t keen about it’s idea on “responsibility, who’s fault it is?”, but going forward I make my best ability to keep positive thoughts.

I do not take blame/fault when the depression kicks in.  It’s a rollercoaster.
When I have the will, I make the most of it.
When it’s not there, I utilize my support system, sources, and ask for help to overcome.

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