Suicide – How RaW Depression ExisTs


Suicide – How RaW Depression ExisTs



“Death is not the most tragic loss in life, the most tragic loss is what dies inside of you while you are still alive”

The feelings of hopelessness are real and will not go away of their own.  Suicide is tempting, but not the answer.  These suicidal thoughts do not have live with you, you have a choice to fight it and rebuild what feels is lost inside of you.

Help is available, please seek it out.  For you do not have to be alone in this struggle.  There are many who feel and think, ” I want to die ”  I have a number of times felt this way.  There is this small window of opportunity to make a choice and reach out.  For if you don’t, the depression will hinder your clarity and give you tunnel vision.  Death will be the only choice.  Make that call before its too late.  Love yourself.  Gift yourself life.

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  • Anonymous

    Sometimes when you are in that dark place you can’t think of anything else but dieing and not the consequences of what it would do to others…..while you are still alive it is such a battle in your head of what the right thing to do would be. Love that picture, couldn’t be any more perfect!!!!!!

    November 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm

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