Style of Anger


Style of Anger

Withholding – lets others know how you feel by not speaking to or ignoring them, but it tends to provoke anger in return, thus creating a vicious cycle.  It is self-defeating b/c you waste your own time & energy.

Somatizing – is anger formed into physical manifestations such as tension, ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches, depression, etc.

Turning Against Yourself – is avoiding confrontation with those who frustrate you.  You express anger by directing it inward.  You take out your frustrations on yourself or feel its your fault.

Passivity – while viewed by some as a virtue, is really a kind of over-inhibition that thwarts your own self-interest.  You keep resentments to yourself.

Exploding – is too direct/aggressive.  It usually causes more harm than good, except among very understanding and forgiving people.  You enjoy telling people off when they deserve it.  You lose your temper and “fly off the handle.”

Displacing – is taking out your anger on something rather than somebody such as jogging, throwing darts.  Redirecting is expressing it in your imagination.  These methods are more effective and less destructive.

Channelling Your Energies – is one of the most productive and least disruptive methods you can use.  Someone makes you furious and you turn that anger into energy towards a project/task.

Assertiveness – means facing someone directly with your request, complaint, or grievances, showing forth-rightness but not attacking or criticizing the other person.  You are able to be insistent and persistent without losing your temper.

Reference:  group therapy
Quoted from a flyer passed out with no source. 

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