This is intense.  A bit difficult to swallow.  I deemed it worthy to share.

It aligns with what I learned in therapy regarding perception and the ability to change how you receive a person’s opinion, anger, etc.

For example,  I decided to take medication.  My mother’s religious beliefs and values are against this.  Therefore, I felt horrible about myself for being on medication although it proved to be beneficial and working.  But, as long as I felt guilty, I would remain unhappy.

I had to detach from my mother’s opinion, which she is allowed.  I now do not get hurt by it, I feel good about myself and my choices.  Her views are no longer adopted as my own.

If someone calls me a “Freak”, I do not get hurt by it (this really happened to me).  It’s their pain to experience, not mine.

Enjoy this video about the philosophy Stoicism.

Featured Image Source: Wind Serenity

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