Stimulants (Psychostimulants) are used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Narcolepsy, and/or clinical Depression, etc.  Effects are enhanced alertness, wakefulness, etc.

Take the time to research the Stimulant prescribed to you:

–  Prescribing Information
–  Boxed Warnings
–  Medication Guide
–  Be aware of any guidelines or warnings if taken in conjunction with other psychiatric medications

Below is a list of Stimulant medications in the U.S.A.

  • Generic Name
    • Brand Name/Registered ® Trademark  and their website
      • Pharmaceutical or Marketing company who manufactures/markets the Brand Name

Brands are listed for informational purposes only with no intention of infringement of their Registered ® Trademark/Copyright ©.

In your prescription pamphlet:  if you find a symbol near the name of your medication that resembles CII it stands for Schedule II Controlled Substance.  A controlled substance is restricted and controlled completely:  the making of the drug or substance, ownership, delivery, use, and disposal (throwing away) are restricted by the government.

Stimulants (CII – Schedule II Controlled Substance)

Non-Stimulant used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

The binding of dopamine to D2 receptors is caused by methylphenidate.

D2 receptors have been linked to the reinforcing aspects of drug use, so the potential for drug abuse is increased with use of methylphenidate.
Since dopamine changes in the brain appear to be an important factor in ADHD, and methylphenidate increases dopamine (and binding to D2 receptors) in certain parts of the brain, it is effective for ADHD treatment.

If a brand name is discontinued (no longer made), there may be a number of other pharmaceutical companies that create the generic version or have yet to.

A manufacturer/marketer may have multiple brand names for the same product to market in other countries.  Pharmaceutical companies tend to merge or acquisition each other, therefore the manufacturer/marketer of a brand name can change.

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