Slipping ? Isolated ?


Slipping ? Isolated ?

“What do you do when you feel yourself slipping, when the darkness is returning & the crave for isolation?  What do you do when death feels like a better option than fighting the battle of Depression, Substance Abuse, BiPolar Disorder, which ever mental illness it may be you are suffering from?  There has to be an easy way out, you tell yourself.  Well, there is and trust me when I say it’s easier said than done.  This past week has been brutal, however learned in therapy that the more we talk, the more we open up, the LESS we experience all the negative thoughts: the jealously, sadness, guilt, hurt, nervousness, inferior, panic, betrayal, anger, worried, paranoid, disappointment in self, shame, resentment, loss of self respect, and embarrassment…  The less we are isolated, run, and hide.  The more we will want to  do it different, keep it simple, be honest with yourself, and have the courage to change.”


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