Rewire Your Brain – Mindfulness

Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Your Brain – Mindfulness

Some months ago I talked about the Vicious Cycle in treating forms of Depression.

I learned that medication is effective in treating the most severe symptoms.  But it is intended as a band-aid while you work on the source of the illness.

That begs the question, “What is the source?”

Recently, my therapist shed some light … she said that as we continue our sessions working to develop changes in coping skills, behaviors, feelings, etc……….  that my brain will start to change ……  heal …. function different.  It takes time, but is very much possible.


Rather than focusing on how I got here.  Learning… Learning is the key word… Learning how to change … will change my brain … and I may reach the day when I can taper off my meds safely… and live with a new brain!

It sounds crazy.  But I use to think that my meds were suppose to do that.  Fix the imbalance of my brain permanently.  They don’t.  They give you a temporary boost….  the real fix happens in therapy.

I assume the “how to” part of “learning how to change” is different for everyone.  Not necessarily.

I was delighted to find information that confirms what my therapist explained and more.

It is in a book called, “Rewire Your Brain for Love” by Marsha Lucas, PhD :

Science of Mindfulness

We can not only cause the neurons in our brains to change and to grow new connections and pathways, but we can produce new neurons, throughout our entire lives.  It’s called neuroplasticity.

If you can grow new connections and new neurons, your old, getting-in-your-way wiring can be redirected and/or overridden.  You can rebuild it.

Mindfulness practice promotes changes in your brain in areas and ways that promote healthier relationships with yourself and others.

What you do during Mindfulness Meditation is practice simply noticing your mind’s busyness and not getting all tangled up in it.

This is monumental!  I look forward to finish reading this book and seeing if Mindfulness can take me to the next step where medication has left me:   still…half-way down the tunnel…I see a little light…but it would be nice to feel the full rays of the sun.

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