Mental illness in Movies

I’ve watched a number of films depicting a mental disorder from true life experiences (mental illness in movies).  As dark and heavy they are, I felt a sense of relief in knowing I am not the only one.  Some have a positive outcome, some don’t.  When I say not the only one, I mean … the ability of a writer to make a film that can make you feel empathy … portray not the stereotypical, but the truth in the matter… well it’s deep… because experiencing this feeling with/from those around me?  Rare.

Prozac Nation (2001) starring Christina Ricci based on the life of Elizabeth Wurtzel depicting Depression and medication.

Helen (2009) starring Ashley Judd depicting Depression, ECT treatment and Bipolar.  Written by Sandra Nettelbeck whose childhood friend committed suicide.

Revolutionary Road (2008) starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet.  Based on the novel by Richard Yates who created characters reflecting aspects, moments, experiences of his life.

Wikipedia has a list of films featuring mental illness: