bereave – “to deprive (of) something or someone valued.”
grief – “keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.”
mourn – “to feel or express sorrow or grief.  to grieve or lament for the dead.”

A loss of someone (or something) by death, betrayal, choice, theft, distance, punishment, natural disaster ……  There is mourning to follow. Grieving the loss of someone that was actively in your daily life.  A break up, friendship falls apart, family member stops speaking with you, someone close that is angry and becomes distant. And with mourning there are the phases of grief:

  1. Shock
    • disbelief, numbness.
  2. Denial
    • you don’t want to believe it, this is not happening.
  3. Bargaining
    • hoping you’ll wake up from a dream.  thoughts/actions on how you can change the situation.
  4. Guilt
    • looking back on past moments/choices that could have been made different.  punishing yourself.
  5. Anger
    • facing reality.
  6. Depression
    • drained.  patience and time to heal.
  7. Acceptance
    • understanding what is now and move forward.

These are general steps you find when researching grief.  But not everyone’s process will be the same. When experiencing a loss in your life, it is important to have patience with the emotions that evolve. Give time before reacting to the feelings and talk about it with someone for perspective. The emotions can be incredibly strong and at times undesirable. You may experience a side of yourself you don’t understand or have difficulty facing. It is all normal and expected.  And crucial to seek help in getting through it. A Support System you Trust  &  Someone to Talk To. Time is all you need.  Time WILL Heal.  The mind needs the time to process and ultimately reach Acceptance. Acceptance is a moment of healing, acknowledging, and beginning to move forward with purpose. In short,

  • accept the loss
  • feel and work through the physical and emotional pain of grief
  • adjust to living in a world without the person or item lost
  • and move on with life

Because life happens no matter what.  Life always exists whether we participate or not.  And we have the Time to Heal and Develop the Will to participate again.

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