Mental illness cannot be seen under a microscope


Mental illness cannot be seen under a microscope


“I’ve got some issues that nobody can see…”

It seems easy for society to have compassion or acceptance for a person diagnosed with …

  • cancer in need for chemotherapy
  • a headache in need to take aspirin
  • the flu in need of bed rest

But a mental illness in need of antidepressants, ECT, or disability … ?  Is the lack of acceptance because it cannot be diagnosed in a lab?

A heachache cannot be seen yet we accept it is real, it happens.  Aspirin is bad for the liver yet we take it for a headache, the benefits outweigh the risk for many.

A friend of mine recently underwent ECT treatment.  The agony of going to treatment and post experience of memory loss made it incredibly difficult.  I had to remind her, this is to save your life.  A cancer patient’s body is made to feel incredibly ill with chemo.  Each session is a fight for life.  Yet, there are risks that it may not work.  But its a fight for life.

There is no difference.

There is a stigma that needs to be broken down.  Its encouraging to find mental health blogs online making this effort.

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