Mental Health APPS

Mental Health APP

Mental Health APPS

I created charts to help myself while in therapy.  I’ve made these charts available for mental health professionals to download in hope to encourage a much needed rise in self-advocacy.

In group therapy, you get pages and pages of loose-leaf paper on self-help topics but rarely a page to encourage writing or recording one’s progress.

Back to the topic at hand, Mental Health APPS.

I soon began a search for APPS to transition tracking my progress in pencil to digital on my iphone.

One of the best APPS I found is called
by Aspyre Apps ($4.99 USD)
Super easy to use and has evolved to include multiple tools:

  • How you Feel (smiley faces)
  • 1 – 10 Scale
  • Pain Scale
  • Energy Scale
  • Medication
  • Stimulants
  • Sleep
  • Charts
  • and more

The smiley faces on this APP inspired me to create a Mood Faces Chart to encompass the variety of behaviors (symptoms) of mental disorders.  I found the artist who created the smiley faces:  Beboy

Other APPS targeting Mental Health are:

Moody Me – Mood Diary and Tracker by MedHelp – Free (also available as internet tool)

Live Happy by Signal Patterns  – $0.99

Bipolar Disorder Connect – Free

PTSD Coach by US Dept. of Veteran Affairs & The National Center for Telehealth & Technology – Free

Tactical Breather by The National Center for Telehealth & Technology – Free

T2 Mood Tracker by The National Center for Telehealth & Technology – Free

Live OCD Free – $79.99

iMoodJournal by Inexika – $1.99

Optimism – Free (also available as internet tool)

Mood Reporter by Northwest Behavioral Medicine

I will update this list as I further my research (find more…)


Featured Image Source:  Aspyre APPs

pricing of APPS quoted in USD – based on 2012 rates

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