It doesn’t Matter

it doesn't matter

It doesn’t Matter

Pretend to be Normal

You are unique.  Every person living in the world is unique.

We are all humans.

Yet we have different shades of skin tones, body shapes, eye colors, hair texture, etc.

The differences on the outside also exist in the inside, how the nerves communicate with each other, how food is processed, size of bones, etc.

I’m not talking about nationality, race, whatever you call it!

My siblings and I are born of the same parents, yet we have different skin tones, hair texture, body frame, food sensitivity, personality, mental processes!

The point is each human in unique!

If someone tells you are not special or different, they are wrong!

Few reasons to consider this:

  • Embracing yourself is a decision you make.  It doesn’t matter what the next person thinks of you.  You are who you are and it’s your opinion of yourself that matters most.
  • If you feel that life is difficult because of the way you are: a learned behavior you want to change, an insecurity to overcome, a glitch in your brain that needs attention!  Personality is shaped and a way of living life!
  • If a person doesn’t like something about you, it is their problem!  They are judging you and want you to fit in their perception of what is OK.  Be careful.  If they care about you and express concern, make sure it comes from a place of love and genuine concern for your well-being and not their own (or attempt to control you).
  • What works for me may not work for you!   Each body processes food, vitamins, medication, sugar … different!  Learn about your body and how the inner workings are affecting your way of life!

You choose what is acceptable in how you live your life!
You choose what you want to embrace about you!
You choose what you want to change about yourself!
It is your decision, NO ONE ELSE’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no pretending to be normal.  There is no pretending to be crazy.

There is only the way you are!

Humans only have the ability to process (external to their body) what they see, hear, and touch.
No human knows what another human is
thinking – intentions – control or lack of control.
In your existence, all that matters is what you are thinking!

What is most important is being comfortable with who you are,
not for others to be comfortable with you.

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