Healing properties of Meditation


Healing properties of Meditation

“To meditate means to focus your thoughts on something with the purpose of quieting the incessant chatter of the mind. If done properly, your brainwaves reach a level of consciousness called alpha state, and it is in this state that your mind and body begin to heal.

The healing benefits of meditation are threefold – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Meditation effects on the body include a decrease in chronic pain and stress and better breathing due to improved lung and heart efficiency. Some studies also suggest that meditation may help those with sleep disorders or even those who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia.

Other benefits of meditation are those which take place in the mind, and sometimes these are equally as important as the physical benefits. Psychological benefits of meditation include improved creativity, learning ability, and memory. And, let’s face it – who doesn’t need a little help with their memory? Studies also show an increase in overall happiness and emotional stability, while feelings of depression, anxiety and irritability tend to decrease.

Mindfulness, transcendental, and breathing meditation are just a sampling of the types of meditation you can use to bring your mind into a relaxed state of healing. In mindfulness meditation we allow thoughts and feelings to enter our mind, but we do not judge them. We practice living fully in the present moment. With transcendental meditation, we use a mantra, which we repeat in order to quiet our thoughts. Breathing meditation harnesses the rhythmic power of our own breath. Feel inspired to investigate other types. As long as the form of meditation benefits the body, mind, and soul, it is useful.

Feel overwhelmed by your choices? You can also purchase meditation tapes in order to experience the positive effects of meditation. Let an expert guide you through the process. Or, look for local churches or meditation centers that offer classes. Whatever form of meditation you choose, remember you must practice it regularly in order to experience the incredible benefits of meditation.”

For those of us who know what it means to experience anxious anxiety ; )
Deep breathing is How to Calm Down.  Meditation teaches you to master this powerful method.  Breathing is what slows down a panic attack.

The power of meditation is undeniable.

Reference:  The Healing Benefits of Meditation by Jamie Lynn
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