Hard to say NO


Hard to say NO

“Why is it so hard to say  no?  What are we so afraid of ?  Is it rejection?  Judgement?  Being analyzed?  Could it be just our perception?  Sometimes we have to learn the word “NO” without feeling guilt.  Being honest with one self is the most important thing for personal growth.  You grow when you are put in uncomfortable situations and are able to answer honestly without carrying that weight called guilt.  It takes time, however it is very much necessary for our own well-being . We need to realize that there is nothing wrong with the word “NO” and how you may feel by adding it to your vocabulary, how much it may truly help ourselves grow.  This may not be easy and has never been easy for me but sometimes we need our own personal time for growth.  Learning to say “NO” may be extremely difficult, but never incapable of achieving.”

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