Habit Reversal Training

Habit Reversal Training

Habit Reversal Training

I’m learning how to manage Dermatillomania, an Impulse Control Disorder.

My therapist says it’s not about stopping the urge.

The body is reacting / expressing a need and I am going to learn how to deal with it in a different way.

Example, instead of allowing the urge be expressed via skin picking, the urge will be expressed by squeezing a toy, apply lotion, etc. (sounds weird, i know)

Focus on creating healthy skin (hair, nails, etc.) and re-assign the impulse a new outlet. sells various tools to help keep your hands busy.

  • Spinner Ring (an outer band which manually spins freely around the inner ring)
  • Snake Bracelet (bendable, flexible jewelry)
  • Tangle (pivoting elbow joints that twist and turn to create a series of shapes and a feeling of malleability in the hand),
  • and more…

Habit Reversal Training is about becoming aware of the urge (impulse) thus allowing the body to disrupt this almost unconscious behavior.

I was given 2 charts (pages) to fill out for a week.

KnowMental re-created these tools into a single page that you fold into 4 to easily place in your pocket.

It is a gift for you to download (for free)!

You may also be interested in our “1 – 10” Mood Chart to record the Total # of times you acted on or felt the urge (impulse) in a single day (this allows you to see the progress in a month’s time).

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