EEG – Brain Wave Optimization

EEG Brain Wave Optimization

EEG – Brain Wave Optimization

I did a first session of Brave Wave Optimization, here is a written summary of the EEG test results:

Assessment Results:

Frontal –  (Eyes Open) low frequencies too active correlates to possible focus problems, memory issues.  right side dominance that is also greater than left central correlates to possible depression.

Temporal – (Eyes Open) left side dominance in conjunction with autonomic nervous system correlates to para-sympathetic dominance with possible:   low blood pressure, ‘rest & digest stage’,  flat line emotions, digestive problems.

Temporal, Occipital & Parietal – high frequencies in 70-80 range are greater than 10%, correlating possible low sexual function, obsessive/compulsive problems, sleep problems.

40-50 range (alpha) – lack of right side dominance which could indicate internal anxiety.

Quoted from Source:  Center for Optimal Health

Grant it, the doctor was aware of my concerns and the test results help connect the brain activity to the concerns.  The results did improve after the “musical” session.  It felt like I was forced to be in a state of meditation.  Therefore not sure if improvement was due to the music itself that plays a mirror image to the brain of it’s functioning or did the EEG results improve from simply “listening to music with eyes closed”.

I’d like to the it’s more complicated and the music playing was in fact strategic.

Regardless of why, it was the first time I could relax and practice mindfulness.  The results are worth the experience without understanding why.

If I continue sessions, I will be given a CD to listen to at home to continue training the brain after the recommended 10 sessions at the office.

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