Depression Relapse


Depression Relapse

I take my medicine everyday.  I start to feel better after a few months, therefore I’m cured!  I stop the medicine and the inevitable happens … you crash, you crash hard.  This is a relapse.

My primary Doctor said the medicine corrects the imbalance in the brain and helps the brain learn to properly function again, release balanced amount of chemicals on its own.  Be balanced again, so when I end the medication, I am fine.

And why was I taking this advice from my primary Doctor?  And why didn’t he make sure I was seeing a therapist?

Now I see a Psychiatrist.  What do I learn?  Coping skills, healthy diet & lifestyle is what creates the balance once again to be able to no longer take the medicine.  Medicine helps to alleviate the symptoms, to help you function again temporarily.  It’s not a cure.  It is like the many other medicines in America, a quick fix not a cure.  And sometimes even additional medicines to quick fix the side affects of the antidepressants as well.

Therefore, it should be expected that when you stop the medicine you will crash UNLESS you do the work necessary that accompany’s the taking of antidepressants: THERAPY.

A friend recently spoke strongly against medicine.  Everyone she talks to that “takes antidepressants wishes they never started because now they can never get off of them, they feel worse if they try to stop?

Well, I don’t know if I would be typing at this very moment if I didn’t take the medication.  It saved my life.  The day the depression began is a day I changed.  I changed and no longer functioned as I had before.  Knowing why ultimately doesn’t help.  Knowing that I changed and need to learn to adjust and cope with this change is what has to happen.  You lose a finger, learn to use that hand without it.  You fall into the depression, learn how to live fighting it.  Maybe for some, if caught early enough with the proper therapy, you can cope without medicine.  But so many are unfortunate when the depression begins and the spiraling down results from the lack of guidance and help.  You feel tired, no appetite, guilt, moods of sadness, anger, irrational, then the body feels the toll.  Not moving, not eating, not sleeping.  Anyone human being without these, will be in this deep hole.  The depression is a gateway to unhealthy living and the results of it, clinically depressed.

I am on medication and will continue until the day I have the tools needed and coping skills to keep the depression at bay.

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