Avoiding confrontation can be so hard sometimes.  When your heart believes something so deeply, how do you express it without the confrontation?  When the other person feels differently, is there a right or wrong answer?  Do you just learn to “agree to disagree?”  How about when you put yourself in a vulnerable situation and you get no response, and it is not the first time this happens … does it make you the stupid one for putting yourself out there again? … Or does it make you just a damn good person?  Do you have to learn that the other person obviously is not capable of  making any other choices?  Is it about who the bigger person is?  Are your expectations set too high?  Should we even bother to set these expectations?  Are we only setting ourselves up for disappointment and hurt?  You truly become worn out, exhausted … How do you keep these battles going?  Are they really worth your sanity?  Does it make you a weaker person if you decide to say, “It is what it is?”  If only…the confusion wasn’t so deep and unmanageable.  If only…I had the heart to say, “It is what it is.” … And not let it affect me at all!!!  How do you get past it?

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