When beginning the recovery stage from whatever mental illness it may be you have, how do you keep yourself there?  How do you not go back to self-destructive behaviors when situations change in your life, when the challenges become more and more difficult by the second?

When you go back and think when you were in that black hole, the dark tunnel, what we call or are taught in therapy “Self Destructive Thoughts and Behaviors”…We relied on many wrong coping skills, such as not asking for help.  Thinking if we blocked it out, it would go away.  Not accepting that we had a choice over things, we felt a loss of control on how we handled things…blaming yourself for things that are not yours, not paying attention to your gut instincts, fears, confusion, judgement, not feeling worthy, not feeling deserving of good things happening in your life, “believing that you can’t deal with one more thing in your life, looking for what else could go wrong, looking for drama, being held hostage by your past, feeling drained…looking for answers and not finding them.  There are so many more, however we need to stay grounded and stay focused on recovery, “The Other Side”.

Understand that we have choices and freedom, we can and have learned the ability to let go of emotional stuff, we can set limits, self-awareness, a sense of relief, learning how to rise above the problem, start focusing more on the positive.  Having the courage to believe in your recovery, unload secrets and your thoughts, acknowledge that it’s okay to change your mind, remember to challenge your thoughts, learn to live, be open to learning, sharing your thoughts with a “safe person”, someone who you can trust and feel safe with to release the negative thoughts off your mind and move on.  We HAVE choices.  You can either stay where you are forever or you can be willing and want to believe change is possible.  What you think of yourself is most important!  The truth is “YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING (SAVING)”

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom”  Anais Nin



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  • KnowMental

    “I must build a support group with those whom I am transparent and will be honest …Examination means facing the truth”

    August 13, 2010 at 12:26 am

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