Behavioral Health


Behavioral Health

Since creating KnowMental I have been in search of other initiatives in education/awareness of behavioral health, suicide prevention, and emotion outlets.

There are a great many behavioral health organizations to explore:

& many more I have yet to find.  I do believe awareness is key…but to be most effective it needs to address a # of things… in which these mentalhealth organizations make efforts to:

Combat Stigma.  To lesson the stigma associated with mental illness.  A friend once suggested that I was experiencing Depression years ago and expressed concern.  I quickly felt bad/ashamed about it and made sure to tell him I was okay, to not worry.  I was in fear that he would tell others.  I reflect back and see how that moment could have saved me from so much grief if I opened up…if I did not give into the denial.  It doesn’t go away.  And years later…..I experienced the inevitable crash of my mentalhealth.

Explore Treatment Options.  There are so many options whether you have the funds or not.  I did not have a dime to my name when I finally got help.  There are a great number of programs that provide free group therapy sessions, art therapy, etc.  And what to expect from treatment?  Topics of mental illnesses, medication, beliefs, etc.  My first day of group I was lost.  I didn’t know a large number of the disorders talked about, medicines…I wish I was given something to prepare/understand.

Promote Self Advocacy:  You need to know your rights.  Take a part in the process.  Unfortunately, the medical industry can be corrupt.  Make sure you are receiving the proper and respectful care.  Wow….my first time speaking with someone in person was horrid.  I called the lifeline from work.  The lifeline was amazing, the person I spoke to calmed me down and helped me realize the state I was in.  They sent me to a social worker/therapist for a few sessions as a part of the program.  She made me feel terrible about myself.  Asking me, “Don’t you see how irrational you’re thinking”  and much worse statements I do not wish to share.  I took the abuse not knowing.  It resulted in me irrationally quitting my job of 6 years.  And living the next 2 years on a roller coaster ride that ended quite ill.

Targeting the Youth (preventative):  Man is this huge!!!  Allowing youth the ability to seek care.
–  Allowing children/teenagers to address their behavior/emotions that THEY feel inhibit them and find a way to manage and feel better.
– Give parents options, gently ways to help their kids.  Education on suicide prevention.
– Bullying: Giving youth the ability to combat bullying by promoting a sense of self-respect.  Self respect in not tolerating the abuse and self-respect to not cause it.

Most Importantly Suicide Prevention.

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