Be Calm

Medicinal Tea

Be Calm

Drinking tea is a great way to be calm and promote relaxation.  What’s even better is if the tea’s ingredients are carefully selected for just that purpose.  Here are some tea benefits:

Sleepytime Extra® Wellness Tea
has Valerian in it, a natural sleep aid because
of its mild sedative properties.
The result is a tea with a calming effect.

Linden (Tilia)

Tea Benefits
Calms the nervous system. A great sleep aid.
*Linden may increase the concentration of lithium in your blood.
It is also known to lower blood pressure.
Be Calm


Chamomile Tea
Helps relieve occasional sleeplessness and
ease minor stomach discomfort.

Honey will give you energy, stimulate your heart beat and rise your pulse.
Avoid adding to your tea when consuming as a sleep aid.

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