Anxiolytics are used to treat the symptoms of Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, etc.  They have a tranquilizing/sedative effect.

Take the time to research Medications prescribed to you:

–  Prescribing Information
–  Boxed Warnings
–  Medication Guide
–  Be aware of any guidelines or warnings if taken in conjunction with other psychiatric medications

In your prescription pamphlet:  if you find a symbol near the name of your medication that resembles CIV, C-IV, or a large C with IV smaller in it’s center, it stands for Schedule IV Controlled Substance.  A controlled substance is restricted and controlled completely:  the making of the drug or substance, ownership, delivery, use, and disposal (throwing away) are restricted by the government.

Below is a list of Medications in the U.S.A.

  • Generic Name
    • Brand Name/® Registered Trademark and their website
      • Pharmaceutical or Marketing company who manufactures/markets the Brand Name

Brands are listed for informational purposes only with no intention of infringement of their Registered ® Trademark/Copyright ©.

Benzodiazepine Derivative  (CIV – Schedule IV Controlled Substance):



Other Hypnotics/Sedatives:

If a brand name is discontinued (no longer made), there may be a number of other pharmaceutical companies that create the generic version or have yet to.

A manufacturer/marketer may have multiple brand names for the same product to market in other countries.  Pharmaceutical companies tend to merge or acquisition each other, therefore the manufacturer/marketer of a brand name can change.

See the List of Psychiatric Medications we created.

Research Sources: – Controlled Substance

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