Am I Broken


Am I Broken

When sadness doesn’t go away, when you can’t take a deep breath, when you feel like the sky is falling, when all you want is for everyone to go away, when all you want and feel is darkness, when you tell everyone to just let you be, let you cry.  Yet, at the same time, you would love nothing more than to have someone pick you up and not let you shut down and isolate.  Where is the fine line.  Why so many ups and downs you ask yourself?  Am I broken?  What’s wrong with me?  You have to believe the sadness will eventually, within time, lesson.  You must be patient and at times, being patient can be one of the most brutal things you have to do when you are in this place.  All of the emotions, I believe, are a part of the process, the healing process.  Even if its been a few years, you heal daily from all life’s experiences, good or bad.  Take your time to heal and know that it is truly okay.  Allow yourself to not carry around the guilt and know and believe that time heals all.

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  • uncontrolable

    I have found myself in that black hole many many times..and some how time does pull me out of it…this time i feel as if I have this black cloud above my head and it comes and goes and now I have become and expert on covering up my feelings and blocking everyone and anyone out even the people that love me most…I feel like I can’t give advice to anybody because I am just a big liar..cause I know I am sicker than anybody…I am my own biggest manipulator my own biggest liar, my own biggest addict its all me..I can’t even have a relationship as soon as I notice its great I do something to make things terrible or to make that person leave. Maybe being alone is the best thing for me. But this sadness I can’t seem to get rid of it seems like it goes everywhere with me and just peeks out when nobody is around.

    August 11, 2010 at 4:59 pm

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