Afraid of the Light

Afraid of the Light

Afraid of the Light

When you see visual artwork, it’s human to make some sense of it.  A meaning or interpretation that is obvious or even deeper in relating to oneself.  The same can be done with music.

It amazes me when I understand or feel a certain way to a song while listening and realize how different it is from the artist’s intentions in the music video.

The words of the Cults song “You Know What I Mean” expresses to the bone what has become of my life.

It’s as literal as it can be said:

“Help me cause I’m feeling shaky”

“Tell me what’s wrong with my brain, cause I seem to have lost it”

“I am afraid of the light”

“I can’t sleep alone at night”

“Lonely, that’s not quite my problem”

“I have all that I need”

“I try so hard to be happy”

“Please, please come and save me”

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Featured Image Artist: rafoto

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