What is that you ask.

Here are a couple of definitions:

  • The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed
  • A statement of the existence or truth of something; assertion

It is a tool used in many ways:

  1. Attaining a frame of mind that currently does not exist but wish to attain.
  2. A way of attracting an emotion, state of being into your life.
  3. Attracting something or someone to exist in your life….

I am going to focus on a frame of mind.  When the Depression takes over, it literally takes over like an eraser to your brain.  What once was a person of confidence, self belief, willing… is nowhere to be found.  How do you get to be that person again.  Or learn to regain those beliefs.

Affirmations is what my Therapist says.

“It takes 21 days to break a habit and 21 days to create one”.

So say it like you mean, feel it, believe it until you can.  It feels like a lie for a while but eventually its suppose to re-train your brain to have these beliefs once again or the beliefs you choose to obtain.  Even deeper, to attract it.

It’s simple.  The best starter is “I am …”  You finish the sentence.

Here are some “examples”.

I am ….
I am healthy
I am strong
I am beautiful
I am caring
I am joyful
I am prosperous
I am positive
I am energetic
I am calm
I am accepting
I am welcoming
I am willing
I am able
I am relaxed
I am helpful
I am joyful
I am important
I am thankful
I am creative
I am powerful
I am successful
I am protected

I value ….
I value my opinion
I value my life
I value my family, friends, etc.
I value my existence …. My existence alone is valuable

I trust my own instincts
I trust my own impulses

I have ….
I have faith
I have gratitude
I have guidance
I have patience

I …..
I surrender
I accept
I forgive
I appreciate
I love
I trust

I am able to …..
I am able to forgive
I am able to let go

I am grateful for ….

My life is …..

Be as creative as you like.  Be as daring as you like.  There are no limits.  Most importantly, be assertive!

I am at peace with the universe
My mind is clean and pure, open to new things
My positive thoughts are capable of creating anything
I have unlimited potential
I relax and enjoy life
My vision is clear and focused
My world is filled with abundance
I am filling my life with peace and joy

And ONLY, ONLY use positive.  Not a negative word allowed & do not state anything you do NOT want.  Only what you want!

for example:

I am prosperous
I am wealthy
My life it fruitful

Do NOT say:  I am debt free.
I don’t want debt, therefore I should NOT use that word. ; )

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