A Friend


A Friend

“Why do we lose friendships?  Why do things have to get so complicated sometimes?
I always envisioned this unconditional love by those who have been in, and touched my life in so many different ways, for such a long period of time.  Was I mistaken?  Was my perception totally off?  Were my expectations set so high that I was let down?  The confusion can be overwhelming.  If it is enough…
Do you swallow your pride and mend things?  Or do you just let things be and let them happen as they are meant to be?  Our behaviors are our own reality.  Be open to possibilities.  Once again, am I setting myself up for disappointment if I am open to these possibilities?  Take ownership for your part, responsibility of the turmoils.  Everyday is a new day, and we have to be open to have the courage and wisdom to accept the way things end up, and what’s really going on… the truth about a friend.”


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